Saint Joseph Instructor
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Read Wall Name: Dr. A. Read Wall
Rank: san duan (3rd degree black sash)
Title: Shifu (Father Teacher)


Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Rockhurst University

B.A. Business Management - cum laude, Missouri Baptist University.

Over 15 years of experience in Xing Yi Quan kung fu.

Taught and spoken both nationally and internationally

Trained young believers to maturity using mentorship method.

Served as Assistant Youth Director, Sunday School teacher, and Deacon.

Background: "I am a Texas Born, homeschooled, Southern Baptist, Born again believing Missionary Preachers Kid and Proud of it!"

That is how I used to describe myself. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas while my father was in seminary to be a pastor. In December of 1990 my father moved my family to Pana, IL to be a missionary pastor where we lived and served for 10 years. I graduated High School from Christian Liberty Academy School System and moved to St. Louis where I pursued my B.A. in business management, graduating in April '05.

In April of 2006, I moved back to my parents, now Findlay, IL to assist with the care of my grandmother. She passed in December '07 and I moved back to St. Louis to open my school in January '09. I left the school to my student in March of 2011 to move to Saint Joseph, MO because my soon to be wife was located there. I married her in August of '11 and began school to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

My life has been relatively smooth, but not without its troubles. The important thing is to recognize that God has never left me and is with me throughout all my trials, ever constant, ever reliable, empowering me to do His good work and to use the talents and the skill sets He has gifted me with for His glory. read my testimony

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