Testimony of Shifu Read Wall, SPT

Being born into a strong Christian family, I had special opportunities that many did not have. I had a strong Christian model in both of my parents and for the most part lived a Christian life myself even before being saved. At the age of 5, I was brought to the realization by the convicting of the Holy Spirit that I was a sinner and that by myself, I would not be able to pay for the debt of sin I owed.

Due to fear of being in the public eye and of water, I fought that realization because acting on it meant that I would need to publicly profess my belief and follow the Lord in Baptism, two things that I feared a great deal. My parents constantly encouraged me and told me that it was ok, that I could do this. But I let fear rule my life for two whole years. But finally, in 1988, we had a week long tent revival at our church.

It was December 4th, 1988 a Sunday, the last day of the revival. All week long I fought the conviction to step out and walk the aisle and accept Jesus as my Lord. Finally, I was fighting God and it was as if I heard Him say to me, “If you don’t do this today, you never will.” And my fear of hell won out over my fear of water and the public eye and I slipped out of my seat and walked forward, my father following me. I told my pastor what I had come to do, and he and my father led me to the Lord. That was a day and a decision that I have never regretted and never will.