Special one time class at Rockhurst University

On Thursday 9/26/2013 Shifu Read will be conducting a free, one time kung fu class for the exercise physiology class in DPT program.  The class is supposed to do an evaluation of an outside exercise class as an assignment for their class.  Read is offering this class exclusively for this class as an opportunity to complete this assignment.


If you are interested in classes from Shifu Read or one of his instructors, contact us here



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About Shifu Read

Primary instructor of the school. Training in martial arts since he was 5. He started in kickboxing, then moved to XingYi at 18. At 32 he began training in BaGua. At 36 he began training in TaiJi. At 40, he began in BJJ. He loves to share his knowledge with his students and help them along in their own martial journey.
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