School Updates

Laoshi Justin (first degree) tested his first white sash student this summer.  This makes my 5th grand student.  The other 4 are not active, they have moved on in life to other things.  He also started his first class at his church.  Very exciting.

Richard Cameron tested for his black sash, my first student to do so with the 10 degree system.

Tonight, Brent Emanuel will be testing for his white sash in the bagua system, the first student of mine to do so.

Another black sash of mine, Andrew Colson, graduated HS, college with his AS, and got married… it’s been a busy year for him.

My shifu was promoted to 6th degree.

About Shifu Read

Primary instructor of the school. Training in martial arts since he was 5. He started in kickboxing, then moved to XingYi at 18. At 32 he began training in BaGua. At 36 he began training in TaiJi. At 40, he began in BJJ. He loves to share his knowledge with his students and help them along in their own martial journey.
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