Demo Talk in St. Joe

On Aug. 29th, 2010 I will be doing a demo talk in the morning service at New Life Bible Church.

What is a Demo Talk?  Well, it is a special kind of presentation.  I do a brief Q&A session followed by a short demonstration of some specific kung fu concept/technique followed by a talk with a spiritual point.

It is a very specialized object lesson.  Live in the St. Joe area?  You should stop by!!! It would be great to have there.

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About Shifu Read

Primary instructor of the school. Training in martial arts since he was 5. He started in kickboxing, then moved to XingYi at 18. At 32 he began training in BaGua. At 36 he began training in TaiJi. At 40, he began in BJJ. He loves to share his knowledge with his students and help them along in their own martial journey.
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