An Example of What NOT To Do With a Knife

A few years ago, I was out with a friend from kung fu class – Josh Cook – and co-worker Jen (who is now Josh’s wife).  We went out to dinner at the Pasta House inSt. Louisand after which we stayed out in the parking lot talking about kung fu.  If you want me to talk for hours just start talking about two topics, kung fu is one of them.  So we began to team answer a lot of questions that she was asking about all kinds of self-defense situations.

After a few hours, she asked a question about what to do if someone had a knife to your throat from behind.  We decided to demonstrate, we used a real knife.  First mistake, never use a real knife for a demonstration!  We at least had the sense to turn the blade around to face the front and not the throat.  Then we set up the situation, Josh held the back of the knife blade to my throat and I demonstrated the technique.  Second mistake, we did not clearly communicate to each other exactly what each person was supposed to do and how they were to stand.  He assumed I would just do the first part of the technique and I assumed he would have his left leg forward.  Third mistake, we assumed things without verifying it.   By this time, you are already predicting what happened; and if you are thinking it ended by me stabbing Josh in the leg, you would be absolutely right.  Sad day!

The technique worked so perfectly it worked too well!  I popped the knife past my neck, gripped his wrist and took it straight down…right into his right thigh.  Thank God for san so skills, because even though I could not see it, I felt it and instantly withdrew, so the knife only entered a little.

So, why do I share this humiliating story?  Simple, so others can learn from my mistakes.  I have always told students before that sometimes the obvious needs to be stated (i.e. don’t forget to breathe). So, this little story is for those who need to hear the obvious stated.  Thanks for reading my little story and may you always be safe!  God bless!!!

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2 Responses to An Example of What NOT To Do With a Knife

  1. Doug Dickmann says:

    I would like to talk with you about possibly joining your school. I have read some of your blog and like the biblical references. Until recently I was very active in sports. Volleyball and fast pitch softball. 3/2010 I had knee surgery and was told to relinquish those high impact sports. Since then I have wanted to engage in a physical regimine which will allow me confidence and discipline building, while keeping those body parts I CAN use in some assemblance of shape. I work out 1-2 X per week at the local gym but that is not enough and does not satisfy my spiritual and emotional self. All must work in harmony. I am interested in the Christ centered genre though. I coach volleyball and baseball/softball to younger students, and I insist that they are disciplined in their respect to parents/family, teachers, and instructors, devote time to studies, and most important, seek and build a relationship with Christ Jesus. I am a Gideon and hand testaments to most all of my students. As with any time related commitment, I am allowing myself to deteriorate, so I would like to talk with you with regard to martial arts instruction. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Doug Dickmann/Imperial, MO.

  2. Doug Dickmann says:

    Like to talk with you about signing up. thanks, Doug D.

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