is your kung fu real “kung fu”?

The word “kung fu” means a skill attained through hard work and time.

This means that a pianist has kung fu as well as a martial artist, even though this isn’t the way we normally think of it.

I just wanted to remind people, that kung fu isn’t just a body of technique, but at its very foundation is a work ethic.

It isn’t kung fu if you aren’t working hard to learn it.

In this light, there is a lot that we TCMA practitioners can learn from the MMA community. It is very impressive to see how hard these guys work to be good at their arts.

I don’t mean to criticize those hobby martial artists out there, so don’t misunderstand me.

But I do want to encourage us all by this challenge, as much to me as anyone.

If it ain’t hard work, it ain’t really kung fu.

So, my hat is off to you MMA people, your skill is high because your work ethic is good. Keep it up.

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One Response to is your kung fu real “kung fu”?

  1. Shrfu Tony Franklin says:

    Nicely said. Direct, respectful, and true.

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